We’re excited to announce that we can now offer the market-leading Elite from the Celsius range in a neutral tint as well as the already established blue, offering more choice than ever before for your customers.

From the inside, the new neutral tint allows a crystal clear view of the homeowners’ garden. The tint also means that you will be able to sell customers a glass that has the absolute minimal effect on the amount of natural light entering their conservatories, creating a lighter, fresher living area. From the outside looking in, the tint is slightly more prominent, giving conservatories a warm and cosy feeling.

As well as the new tint, Celsius Elite brings even more to glazing by combining this sophisticated style with the best performance available on the market.  Specially designed to keep homeowners warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, you can assure your customers of a comfortable atmosphere no matter what time of year it is.

With a proven U-value of 0.9, Celsius Elite cannot be beaten when it comes to providing insulation, keeping in the warmth even when the weather outside is anything but.

At the other end of the spectrum, Celsius Elite reflects approximately three times more solar energy than standard glass, with an 83% heat reflection rate that stops conservatories from turning into a greenhouse on hot days. Along with this, the 94% UV protection will significantly reduce the effect of harmful UV rays and better protect fabrics and furniture from fading. Plus, with a visible light transmission of 34% that reduces the impact of natural light, customers can relax without any uncomfortable bright glares.

These features make the neutral-tinted Celsius Elite particularly ideal for south-facing or exposed locations, where it can provide excellent protection against harsh sunlight.

Overall, this newly available neutral tint for Celsius Elite provides a wider choice for your business, ensuring that you can provide the best option for your customers’ needs from the range that offers the ultimate standard in glazing.

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