We are excited to announce that Celsius Elite, and it’s class-leading U-value, have entered the world of Bifold doors!

Celsius Elite is our market-leading conservatory roof glass product, consisting of the lowest U-value available in a double-glazed unit: 0.9. A U-value is a measure of a unit’s insulation, the lower the U-value, the higher the insulating capabilities of the unit.

Excitingly, we have decided to expand this market-leading insulating power, from the world of conservatory roof glass, into the secure, folding, sliding world of Bifold Doors!

Now, everyone already knows that Bifold Doors are up there with some of the most stylish, modern, practical adaptations you can make to your home. And it is for this reason that we’ve created the ultimate Bifold Door unit to complement their usefulness, versatility and security, with the insulating power of a market-leading product.

Make your Bifold Doors powerful, with Celsius Elite.

Ask your installer about Celsius Elite for Bifold Doors.



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