Welcome to a new feature. Over the next number of weeks & months, we will be delving into all the key stats, facts and USPs of some of our class-leading, and sometimes jaw-dropping (trust me) products. This, is inFOCUS, and we are kicking things off with the ever-reliable Celsius Clear.

Celsius Clear was the original member of the current Celsius trio, (now also including Celsius One & Celsius Elite). In many ways, you could say that it was the product that kick started the Celsius brand – now known the UK over by glass industry professionals and customers alike. Celsius Clear was designed to be an alternative to standard clear glass, offering a respectable level of light transmission (61% to standard clear glass’ 80%). But crucially, while standard clear glass comes out on top in this area, Celsius Clear blows it out of the water everywhere else.

Firstly, standard clear glass reflects only 25% of the sun’s energy directed onto the pane, meaning that a hefty 75% is travelling straight through the glass, and directly into your home. This is going to lead to some SERIOUS sweaty-ness going on in your casa during the toasty summer months. On the other hand, Celsius Clear offers heat protection of 58%, meaning a more manageable 42% is entering your home. You can see CLEARLY (pun intended) with which glazing type the more temperate summer indoor temperatures lie.

Similarly, Celsius Clear also performs better when it comes to UV protection. Harmful ultraviolet light from the sun is a nightmare for your furniture, carpets and decor, as this hastens the ageing process of many materials. Specifically, standard clear glass only offers a UV protection of 25%, meaning that of all the UV radiation hitting your window at a given time, 75% of it is again travelling directly into your home. Comparing this to Celsius Clear’s UV protection of 73%, you’ll have both your family and your furnishings thanking you for installing Celsius Clear.

Now we get to the business side of things: the U-value. The U-value of a glass unit is defined as the rate of transfer of heat through it. In other words, the U-value is a measure of how well your glass unit insulates. The lower the U-value, the lower the rate of heat transfer. The lower the rate of heat transfer, the lower amount of heat you lose from your home over a given time i.e. the lower the amount of money you spend on your energy bills. Standard clear glass offers a U-value of 2.8, whereas Celsius Clear offers a U-value of 1.0.

Just when you thought Celsius Clear couldn’t get any more impressive, it also comes toughened to standards set by the British Standards Institute, with a 10-year warranty, Argon-filled for extra warmth, and with an easy-clean coating making stains a thing of the past. Read more about Celsius Clear HERE and HERE, or download our brochure.

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