Anti-Glare Technology 

Whilst the conservatory is the best room in the house to enjoy the sun and light of the summer, at the same time the glare from the sun can be an issue. Celsius One is designed to dramatically reduce the glare of the sun, reflecting typically over 60% of visible light and filtering out harmful UV rays. The result is a light and airy room. If it’s a conservatory or room with a glazed roof that’s South facing, then our advice would be to upgrade to Celsius One or even Celsius Elite for the very best in solar control and the reduction in excessive glare from the sun’s rays.

Depending on the level of anti-glare technology you would like we have the product for you in the Celsius Performance Glass range. Celsius Clear ™ allows the largest amount of natural light transmission, reflecting 39% of visible light. Celsius One ™ and  Celsius Elite™ are designed to be market leading products when it comes to the reflection of visible light, reflecting 62% and 66% respectively.



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