My old conservatory used to overheat terribly in the summer, will Celsius Performance Glass help?

Yes. Older conservatories may either have a basic plain glass roof or a polycarbonate roof, neither of these have any great effect in controlling the sun’s heating effect. A basic glass roof would only reflect about 20% of the sun’s heat, but by contrast a Celsius Glass roof would reflect up to 80%, meaning the room stays considerably cooler during hot weather.

I’ve heard about ‘easy clean coatings’ is that the same as self-cleaning?

No. Only a true self-cleaning roof does exactly that, cleans itself. Using a specially coated glass, a chemical reaction physically breaks down and washes away dirt. A so called ‘easy clean’ roof simply does not have these properties.

Will my furniture still fade under a Celsius Performance Glass roof?

Over 75% of harmful UV rays are blocked, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of damage to soft furnishings. Our wall range includes options to increase this to 98%, ensuring no damage is going to occur this way, unlike standard clear glass.

What guarantees do I get with Celsius Performance Glass?

Every Celsius roof is manufactured to BS EN 1279 for seal quality and BS EN 12150 for toughened glass safety. With this we offer a 10 year warranty against seal failure with all of our products.



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